Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth."

First of all, do you remember that family that loved Audrey so much?  Well, they adopted her!  She's doing great with her new people and new doggie brother!  When I saw them with her, I could just tell that they were her future forever home!

It wasn't long after Audrey's adoption that another special Hound mix came into my life.  She wasn't shy like Audrey, but she had recently had her front leg amputated.  She was found as a malnourished stray... dragging her bum leg along... and entertaining four pups of her own.  Paws of Hertford County in Ahoskie, NC took Lucille into their shelter and got her the medical attention she so desperately needed.  Her four puppies were quickly adopted... but Lucille still needed surgery to have her bum leg amputated... and, of course, to be spayed!  In the midst of all of this, Lucille also tested positive for two tick-born illnesses!  Those are a quick fix with some medication... and she was fortunate that she wasn't heart worm positive!

It's kind of funny how Lucille ended up as my foster.  She originally was meant to be a temporary guest while I kept an eye on her incision site after the amputation surgery.  I wasn't even sure if I wanted to keep her as a foster at first!  At first glance, it appeared as if she wasn't going to get along with my other female, Lyla.  Come to find, Lucille doesn't like face to face greetings.  It makes her uncomfortable and defensive.  After all she's been through... can you blame her?  Within the week, she settled in at my house and with my pack.  I even took her to work with me to the vet office and used the healing laser on her incision site.  It healed up wonderfully, and we were able to remove the stitches about 14 days after the surgery.  Lucky for me, I've got amazing bosses and amazing co-workers who are willing to lend their expertise and a helping hand when it comes to my foster dogs!

In the end, we decided not to stress Lucille out by moving her again to a different foster home... and left her with me.  She's doing amazingly well... and does great with my dogs and my cats.  She sleeps contently in her crate while I'm at work and at night when I'm asleep.  Lucille even walks well on a leash!  She doesn't have accidents in the house either!  She's truly been a joy to have.  She's adjusted extremely well to only having three legs.  Honestly, I'm sure the bum leg was a nuisance, and she was happy to get rid of it!

I've had her for almost a month now, and I'm honestly shocked that nobody has adopted her yet.  She's a good dog - a trooper - and super beautiful with her gorgeous eyes and sweet demeanor!  She certainly doesn't let the fact that she has three legs slow her down.  However, I continue to live by the fact that true love will happen when it's meant to.  I know Lucille's forever family is right around the corner...