Sunday, September 18, 2011

"As we move through life, the force of fate creates events that we only appreciate when we reflect on our existence."

Every now and then, THAT foster dog comes along.  You know?  The one that you just can't stand to let go?  Most people... who have never fostered... are probably thinking that EVERY foster dog is THAT dog.  But when you've fostered... you begin to understand.  Most fosters... you CAN let go... because the need to allow yourself to foster another - to save another life - are much stronger than the need to adopt that most recent addition.  It is when you get the dogs that connect with YOUR dogs that are the hardest to let go.  As a foster mom, I'm often sad about letting them go... but at the same time, I'm so happy that I was able to be a part of their journey in finding their forever homes.  But when my dogs fall head over paws over one of my fosters, it makes me feel terribly sad to let them go.  As human beings, we often think about ourselves - and how bringing a dog into our lives affects us - and how letting them go is such a bittersweet moment.  But what about our own dogs?  How does it affect them?

Each foster dog that enters my home affects my own dogs differently.  As the old man of the family, Jackson takes the longest to warm up to the newcomers.  Brody - well - he wags his tail and introduces himself for a minute... before getting distracted by a toy... inevitably something to fetch... and ends up not caring that much about the newcomer.  Lyla, my foster failure dog, tends to be more interested than anyone.  She throws herself at the newcomer and is more excited than ever!

Well, this time, Lyla fell in love with a foster that I only have for a few days.  His original foster family was going out of town... and needed someone to keep an eye on him.  So here I am.  Brody, Jackson, Lyla... and cats... and all.  Oddly enough, even Jackson doesn't seem to mind Harley.  Brody likes him... and even shares his toys.  Lyla... on the other hand... has fallen in love with him.  They just adore each other!

But... sometimes... life gets in the way of fate.  While all signs point to the fact that Harley belongs in my family... my living situation points elsewhere.  What a shame... because I know for a fact that Lyla is going to miss her "baby" more than anything!

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