Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Lost time is never found again."

So I spent the entire day hanging out with my dogs... and in my boredom, I decided that I needed to catch up on some blogging.  It's now that I realized how long it's been since I've written anything.  I have so many stories to tell... yet it almost seems impossible since I haven't written in so long.

Last time I checked in, I was fostering Posey... because the Lab mix I had originally wanted got adopted.  Since then, Posey got adopted within a couple of weeks into an AMAZING home.  She is an old Hound with a young heart again and living a spoiled and fulfilling life.

At some point after Posey was adopted, Hallie, one of my shy girls, was returned to the rescue due to her inability to come out of her shell.  I hope I have this all right?  After so many dogs, it seems to just run together.  One of our former K9JL adopters ended up coming down from Maryland to meet her.  She's now living happily in a home with another K9JL adoptee and an owner who understands her shyness issues and accepts her as she is.

Then came Avie.  I tagged along to Isle of Wight with NO plans of bringing a dog home.  I saw two shy kids that tugged at my heart strings... but they had to stay together... and there was NO way I was coming home with two.  Then I saw Avie... an adorable, spunky pup finishing up demodex treatment.  Who can't use a little puppy in her life?  I sure could.  So... despite my attempts to come home without a dog, I couldn't help myself.  It wasn't long before this spitfire of a pup was adopted by a young couple that was willing to put up with her puppy antics.  She's happy and doing amazingly well in her new home!  And I'm pretty sure that her parents are considering bringing another pup into the mix.

Funny how everything pans out... because around that same time, Jackson... the Lab mix that I had originally wanted to foster before Posey and before Hallie and before Avie... just so happened to get returned by his new owners around the same time.  It was meant to be... and Jessica didn't even make me ask.  "Go get the records... I know you're going home with him."  And that was that.  I renamed him "Parker" since there was already a Jackson in the house!  He's one of the sweetest dogs I've had... and such a special boy.  I'm happy to say that he found an incredible home with a young couple with no other dogs.  He gets his nails painted, plays dress up, has his very own bed, gets all the attention he needs, and I couldn't be happier with where he is.  His mom brought him to one of our adoption events to visit... and when I knelt down on the ground to give him a hug... I actually started crying.  Dogs come in and out of my life all of the time... and I love every single one of them.  Some of them, though, are just special... and Parker was one of them.  Everything in the universe kept that dog away from me fostering him at first... but we still ended up together.  I definitely believe in fate.  His owner's sister recently adopted another dog from K9JL... and they already seem to be best of friends!

Then Lu came into my life.  She's an all black GSD (maybe GSD/Malinois?) that is young and sweet and crazy.  My friend actually ended up fostering her for a couple months with the intent of adopting her... but her fear towards men made it impossible for her husband to bond with Lu.  Before Lu came back to my house, though, Lyla's littermate, Sadie, came back into the rescue.  One of the sweetest ladies I've met... and truly a wonderful dog!  I had her for about a month before she was adopted by a family who is related to another one of the littermate's adopters!  It was hilarious having Lyla and Sadie here together.  Sometimes if I glanced over at the sleeping pile of pups... I had no idea which one was mine... or the foster!  She's doing great in her new home, too, and they can't get over how easy she is... other than her leash manners!  Don't worry... her sibling, my girl, is no better on a leash!

Anyway, Lu ended up coming back to me since she was having so many issues with my friend's husband.  She does have stranger danger issues with men... but it's totally manageable.  He was a police officer and would come home at 3am... so it was hard for Lu to ever spend enough time with him to bond.  She's all bark and no bite, anyway!  I've had my ups and downs with her.  She's extremely high energy... and with four other dogs in the house, it's hard to deal with that type of personality sometimes.  Lucky for Lu, she's one of the sweetest and most submissive dogs I've ever met.  She's still young and still needs to be molded into a model dog... but I'm confident that she'll get there with the right home.

So... five dogs in the house... and I'm at work one day when a new client brings in an 8-week-old puppy that is sick and emaciated.  I think part of me, subconsciously, wanted this woman to offer him up to me.  Well... she did.  As I rocked him in my arms and stared into his astounding eyes, I couldn't help from wondering what his fate would be...

I'm going to leave it at that... because he deserves his very own entry... and I'm not quite ready to write it yet.  So... note to self... don't let so many dogs come and go without updating!  I didn't realize how many dogs I've had since I first go Posey.  You guys keep reading, I'll keep writing.

When I'm ready, I'll spill the beans on the little brown pup that broke my heart... but for now... I'll leave you with the happy thoughts of all of the dogs that were adopted in the meantime.

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