Monday, January 3, 2011


Well... I told my dad that I was probably keeping Lyla. He just reminded me that caring for dogs is expensive and that I "really need to think about the amount of dogs I have." Of course, I know this. I thought about it. Intensely. I racked my brain trying to decide whether or not I should keep her. Ever since the beginning, though, there was something special about her. A puppy is the last thing I wanted in my life. I'm a "boy dog person." Not a "girl dog person." Taking on a puppy typically means taking on an animal that is going to live for at least another 8+ years. I WAS NOT planning on this. But... sometimes... it just happens.

Brody and Lyla are two peas in a pod. They adore each other. Jackson has even taken to her. I've had her for so long... that I can't imagine living life without her. She's brilliant, sweet, and beautiful. She's the "little girl" I never had. Pink... a color I've always despised. Now all I can think about is buying Lyla pink collars, pink bowls, pink coats... She's an addition to the pack that is here to stay. I say this as she's curled up next to me with her head resting on my leg. Yeah... I think she's here to stay.

My dad also mentioned that I was being "distracted by all of the animals" in the sense of schooling, etc. I attempted to explain to him that they aren't a distraction. They ARE my life. I've always had animals, and this has always been the norm for me. It's not a distraction. It just IS.

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