Saturday, January 1, 2011


Once again, I'm a slacker! Well, not quite. I'm just a little busy with everything.

The dogs are all doing well. I have four kittens left. Two or three more ferals to catch and have fixed. One of them might have a home come January 5th, so that's excited. Then the other boys need homes! I'm having trouble giving Tiny to just anyone, though. I would really like him to have a home with someone I know. I love them all, but he's just extra special to me.

Ummm, other than the usual with the cats and the dogs, nothing much going on. I tried to teach Lyla how to "roll over" yesterday, and she kept putting her paw on my hand and digging her nails into my skin to get the treats. I had just clipped her nails, so they were really sharp, and now my hand looks like I stuck in in a thorn bush. Ouch!

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