Monday, May 23, 2011

“Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.”

Two months after Candy and Mandy entered my life, I'm down to just Mandy.  Candy has officially been adopted.  I actually haven't seen her since before I left for a horse show on May 8th.  Her temporary foster (while I was gone) considered adopting her, but they decided against it.  Their neighbors, however, had apparently fallen head over heels with this sweet girl.  Can you blame them?!  So... when I returned to town... Mandy was returned... but Candy was not.

She was gone for weeks... but it didn't hit me until tonight... until she was officially adopted.  I'd say that it was about three-months-ago that I first laid eyes Candy and Mandy.  I'm not sure what was so appealing about them.  Maybe I'm just naturally attracted to black dogs since all of my critters seem to be dark-colored?  But they were black... and Pit mixes... and the underdogs.  I always fall for the underdogs.

K9 Justice League had enough fosters to bring a few puppies back from a kill shelter in North Carolina.  These puppies were a couple days shy of being euthanized.  There were not enough fosters to save all of them, though.  Candy and Mandy had not been spoken for, and I was secretly keeping my fingers crossed that someone would come to their rescue.  Fast forward to the day that the rescue went down to North Carolina to pick up the puppies they had agreed to rescue.  They rescued said puppies, then some.  Candy and Mandy were two of the "then some".  I was so relieved to see that they had been saved from certain death!

It was about a month later... once Memphis was adopted... that the girls arrived at my house.  They put up with quarantine.  A week or two later, they put up with being spayed and not being able to play like that wanted to.  More time in a crate.  Just what they wanted... NOT!

They were troopers through it all; always happy and with tails wagging.  They're easy puppies - something I had never had before!  My fosters are all special in their own way, but Mandy and Candy were "my babies" the minute I saw their pictures on the rescue's Facebook.  I don't know what it was about them... or how they ended up with me... but we were meant to be together - even if only for a couple months.

It's so bittersweet when a foster gets adopted.  Part of you misses them more than you can say.  The other part?  Well, the other part is just thrilled that you were lucky enough spend that time with that dog until he or she could find a home to spend the rest of his or her life in.

So, for now, I still have Mandy in my life, and as much as I'd love to keep them all, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the day that she finds someone to love her as much as I do.

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