Monday, May 30, 2011

Dogs, Cats, Facebook, and LiveJournal...

In a nutshell, I still have Mandy (my foster dog), Gloria (the stray cat that gave birth to premature kittens that didn't make it), Coral (newly spayed feral mama cat), and Dory (feral kitten out of Coral).  On top of them, I have Jackson, Brody, Lyla - my three dogs - Clover, Cricket, Cali - my three cats - Baxter and Bella - my two ferrets - and the snake.  Honestly, the cats are all pretty easy.  The dogs keep me on my toes, though!
I'd like to discuss social networking; Facebook and LiveJournal in particular.  My most recent additions, the feral cats, had me fretting due to the lack of funds.  I literally had $12 in my bank account, and I just acquired two more cats - one of which needed to be spayed as soon as possible.  That's when I turned to ChipIn with the hopes of getting donations to help pay for fixing, vaccinations, and homing the feral cat/kittens until they're ready to be adopted out.  I posted the link of my Facebook with a plea for help from my friends.  Some of my friends were able to donate, and I can't begin to explain how grateful I am that they did.  How lucky am I to know people like that?
It was then that I turned to LiveJournal.  Since the arrival of Gloria, I've been posting a lot in there.  I've always gotten great advice from the other cat-loving LJ users.  I figured that I'd post my ChipIn there, too.  I honestly didn't expect ANYTHING.  Why should I expect complete strangers to donate money to something that they don't even know exists or not?  For all they know, I could be a quack stealing their money.  I'm not... but I could be.  The ironic part of it all?  The users from LJ ended up donating enough money to reach my ChipIn goal of $250 within a couple days.  Honestly, I'm floored.  It gives me hope that there are good people out there.  I'm always so hellbent on not having faith mankind anymore that I forget that there ARE good people out there.  Good enough people to donate hard earned money to a complete stranger.
So... this is for you, folks.  This is for all of the good people that are out there, that donate even $5 because it is going to a good cause, and even if they can't afford to help... but do anyway.  You all are good people, and I'm happy to have you in my life... even if we are miles away and have never met in person.  Sometimes I feel closer to those people than some people right here in my life.  I suppose that all I can really say is... thank you.
Peace, Love, and Paw Prints... Emily

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