Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself."

Every foster parent has dealt with the inevitable.  The more you foster, the more likely you are to come across that dog that you really wish could be yours.

It was October of 2010 when three puppies came into my life.  They were Pit/Lab girls... and their mom gave birth to them in the heat of August all while greatly malnourished and tied to a tree.  There were ten puppies altogether, but one didn't make it.  While Hope was stuck in the shelter due to the court case, the remaining nine puppies were welcomed into K9 Justice League with open arms.  Once my first foster dog, Zoe, was adopted, I agreed to foster three of the puppies.  It was then that Sheba, Tiana, and Lush entered my life.  They were about four or five weeks old and a lot of work... but so insanely cute that it didn't matter if they pottied and got poo all over me in their excitement to see that I was home.  How can you be mad or disgusted when puppies that cute are that happy to see you?!

It wasn't long before I noticed Sheba spending more time with my dogs than her siblings.  She loved Brody... and Jackson didn't seem to mind her.  Jackson is a grumpy, old man... so for him not to mind is a big feat in itself!  It wasn't long before I noticed that I was spending more time will Sheba, taking more pictures, talking about her more.  I had no plans to adopt another puppy.  Absolutely not.  Brody was absolute HELL when he was a puppy... and I wanted nothing to do with them ever again.  But all of the signs pointed in the other direction.  Sheba stayed with my dogs, slept or sat in my lap when people came to look at them, and really seemed to have made herself at home... in MY home.  I racked my brain over and over again to decide whether or not I could handle another dog AND still foster.  In the end, I adopted Sheba (now Lyla) and continued to foster.  I'm not sure if I would have adopted her if I couldn't continue to foster, though.  Fostering is near to my heart and so very important to me.  It's almost been a year now... and Lyla has done her job by driving me insane... but being so incredibly cute that I can't stand it... or be mad!  How can you be made at that face?!

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've added my beautiful girl to my family!  And,  almost a year later, I've come to the same problem.  Not so much a problem since I know I can't adopt another dog... but my heart aches over the fact that I can't adopt my handsome, brindle boy wonder, Lars!  Everything about the situation says, "Emily, you are his mom!"... yet every bone in my body is dedicated to continuing to open my home to foster dogs that need that special place to stay for just a little bit.  I am well aware that Lars will find his forever family soon... and they will be perfect for him.  Fate will be in charge of someone else for now.

For the time, though, I'll love him as my own... and keep my fingers crossed that he's adopted soon. The longer they stay, the harder it gets.  Fortunately I don't really have a choice in this matter... because fostering has become a very important part of my life as well as the people involved in the rescue have, too.

You remember what happened last time I saw a puppy sleeping on Brody like that?

She never left!

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