Monday, July 11, 2011

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."

It seems quite fitting that Lars may be spending his last night with me - the person who had him for the first night after he was rescued.  The little brindle wonder has a meet and greet with a family tomorrow.  My fingers are crossed that they fall in love with him as quickly as everyone else has!

Brittni spent a little over a month with Lars and did an awesome job!  Puppies are difficult... so props to anyone who can foster a puppy.  He sits very nicely and waits for his treat!  He's definitely been raised for that month and some in good hands!  I've fostered quite a few puppies... and I feel like giving up puppies is harder than giving up the adults.  There's something about raising a puppy that makes that attachment stronger.  I love all of my foster dogs and have a hard time giving any of them up... but there's just something about puppies.  I honestly don't even care for puppies much.  They aren't house-trained, they bark, they have a ton of energy, you have to teach them everything, and they just about drive you insane.  But I suppose that motherly instinct kicks in... and that's that.

Lars spent some time on the other side of the gate while the other dogs sniffed him and checked him out.  They've already met... but just briefly.  It was the typical meeting.  The grouchy old man that he is, Jackson growled.  Lyla wanted to kiss him to death.  Brody greeted, wagged his tail, then headed back to the couch to sleep.  Lonnie was so insanely excited that he jumped up and down... vertically... for probably 15 minutes straight.  Once my crew calmed down, it was time to open the gate.  There was a lot of "talking", wrestling, and pure chaos.  Gloria, of course, was out and about.  I swear that cat thinks she's a dog.  Gloria showed Lars that she was the boss and chasing cats would not be acceptable.  Seriously, keeping Gloria... best decision ever.  She's been great with all of the foster dogs!  Such a good teacher!  Like I needed another cat in my life... but... they pick you.  When they fit in as well as Gloria did... you can't just send them to someone else!

Aside from adding Lars to the family... for perhaps just a short time... everyone is doing well.  I went on vacation for a week and left all of the dogs with different people.  All of their caretakers did a fantastic job with them!  Of course... everyone seems happy to be home.  Lonnie has been doing well.  He seems much more confident these days.  I think spending some time at other houses did him good!  Not quite as nervous in new situations.  Such a happy-go-lucky boy!  Lonnie even got a little media coverage while I was gone!  WTKR, our local news station, has an "Adoptable Pet of the Day" segment at noon daily... and I was able to get in touch with the reporter over Facebook and have Lonnie featured!  I do hope that he finds his forever home soon.  He deserves it.

After hours of playing and figuring out the pecking order, the chaos seems to have subsided.  The cats are all napping... Gloria on the coffee table, Cricket in my unpacked suitcase, and Cali on the bed.  Lonnie is asleep in the crate, Brody, Lyla, and Lars are all asleep on the couch next to me, and Jackson is standing here by the couch wondering why it's not a little bigger.  I need to buy a little chair just for him.  The couch only fits three dogs if I'm sitting on it, too!  Unless they double up... but Jackson is weird about that.  Hmmm... and as I typed that... Brody got off of the couch and is now sleeping on the floor with Gloria.  Cricket has changed his sleeping spot to the coffee table... and Jackson has curled up where Brody had been on the couch.  Compromise is good.

So... like I said... my house is about as chaotic as it can get.  But these quiet moments are moments to remember.  All I see are content dogs... and they are content because they spent the day playing and romping and being happy... and maybe even driving me a little crazy.  I just don't get how anyone could mistreat these sweet souls.  I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

Photo by Brittni Naylor

Let's not forget that K9 Justice League is heading to North Carolina to the Paws of Hertford County shelter to save some dogs!  I'm lucky enough to be tagging along!  How exciting!  I'm not sure if I'll be lucky enough to bring a new foster home or not... but at least some will be saved.  It all depends on the situation with Lonnie and Lars... whether or not I get to bring anyone home.  We'll see!  I'm just excited that I get to tag along and check the shelter out.  The Paws of Hertford County people are good people... so I want to get a taste of their world, too.  Time will tell... keeping fingers crossed...

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