Monday, December 24, 2012

A Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad...

Tonight, I texted you to come clean about the FOURTH addition to my fur family.  As you know, I'm not good with words... unless I can write them down.  You didn't respond to my text, and I'm worried that you disagree with my decision.

I just want you to know that I didn't make this decision without much thought.  I never thought that I'd have a fourth dog.  When one passed for one reason or another, I figured I'd add another needy dog at some point... not to fill the void... but to save another life.

My future dog... would be of mixed breed... and HE would be a dock dog.  I'm far too involved with the sport to adopt a dog that might not have dock dog potential.

But something silly happened.  A timid Shepherd mix came into my life shortly after a very special hospice dog left.  This little, nervous Shepherd mix... was a GIRL.  God forbid I ever adopted another female dog.  NO MORE GIRLS.  That was my demand... even for future foster dogs.  Lyla got along with males... but she was very particular about her female friends

After we sent Pager off to Rainbow Bridge... and off to a world much different than the one we live in, we went straight to animal control.  We were devastated and saddened as we walked up and down the aisles of homeless canines.  There were a few that caught my eye... and Paige was not one of them.  However, I walked into the kennel... and settled.  I settled.  I didn't look at her and say, "I want to save this dog."  But I knew that I needed a distraction... and I trusted Jessica's opinion.

Within days, I knew that this little girl belonged with me.  She was MINE.  Paige got along well with the dogs - even Lyla.  The cats?  They were great friends.  Toy drive?  Eh, barely.  The love of water?  Not that I know of.  So... as for her being a future dock dog... I have no idea.  I guess we'll have to wait and see!

To give up fostering to adopt another dog... that's a big deal.  I love this dog.  She belongs with me.  So... there it is... no more fostering.  No more dogs.  This is it.  I just hope that those who think I'm crazy for adding a fourth dog can find acceptance in this addition.

Peace, Love, and Paw Prints... Emily

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