Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Night Goes By So Very Slow

Jackson had a blast at my friend's house while I was away. I picked him up on Monday, and he was definitely thrilled to see me! Just plan on institutionalizing me when Jackson passes away. I love that dog so much. More than I can put into words! That's for sure! Brody was a superstar at the horse show. He's turning out to be a very good "horse show dog". Just as I had hoped! The kittens did well at my other friend's house. She actually wants to keep them, but I think she's having some issues with her roommate. I told her she can keep them as long as she wants and see how it all works out. If she has to give them back, I'll take them back. She would like to keep them, however, so she's going to hang onto them for a bit until she figures everything out. I saw the other kittens today. I went with my friend to feed her horse, and we saw 4 of 5 kittens and Mama. They are so cute! I actually touched the black one. They are so skittish. They're going to be hard to catch! I'll probably end up having to set traps. Can you tell me why I'm not a millionaire?! I have so many animals to save! I need millions!

I keep having to stop myself from telling K9 Justice League that I can start fostering now... because I can't yet! I just can't wait until I can! I've got to wait for my roommate and her boyfriend and dog to move out first, though. I'm just so excited about finally doing something proactive!

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