Sunday, October 3, 2010


But I've got six, so what does that mean?! That I have an army? Of dogs?

While I was quite sad about Zoe's departure, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was a little choked up when I was holding her and saying "goodbye" before handing her over to Jessica. There was a moment of sadness when I went inside and sat down, too. The fact that she went to a good home makes it that much easier, though. There's really no need to worry... and I'm sure to get updates on occasion about her!

As Jessica was leaving, she asked me to let her know when I was ready for another one. I told her that I was already ready! Bring it on!

Instead of one... I got three.

K9 Justice League recently rescued nine Pit Bull puppies. Mama Pit Bull was tied to a tree and starving. Jessica and her own mom have been taking care of all nine of the pups since Mama Pit Bull can't leave the shelter due to legal reasons. Plus, the poor girl wasn't really in great shape to be caring for so many children! When Jessica mentioned fostering two or three of the puppies, I confessed to her that I never wanted to have another puppy again. Brody wore me out... of puppies completely. Looking at them and playing with them is a whole other story than actually caring for one. She told me to think about it... and I did.

Surprise, surprise... I took on the challenge. My three bundles of joy arrived early this afternoon, and they've actually been quite kind to me so far! Sheba, Tiana, and Lush are all sleeping soundly as I type... but that will only last so long! They are all females... and all quite cute!

These pups are Pit Bulls, and I've already had to endure the change of tone when people find out what breed they are. It's like they are enthralled with the fact that they are puppies and "Oooo" and "Ahhh" over them, but when I say that they are Pit Bull pups, you get the "Ohhh..." out of most people. Clearly these four-week-old puppies are blood-thirsty, child-eating, vicious dogs. Can't you tell? It's so irritating that they are so misunderstood. I suppose that all we can do is keep trying to educate the public about the truth and hope that the future holds better plans for these amazing animals.

I'm actually dog-sitting right now, so I've got a whopping six dogs in the house! Jackson wants nothing to do with the puppies. Brody thinks that they are absolutely fascinating and can't understand why they don't really want to play with him. It's not that they don't want to play with him, though. He just so happens to be at least ten times the size of these little pups! Rosie loves them and seems to think that she's their mother. Too cute!

I see a long few weeks ahead of me with these girls, but I'm ready for it. I say that now, right? Let's see what I'm saying in a few days when I've cleaned up endless amounts of messes and haven't slept through the night!

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