Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I now officially have 7 dogs, 9 cats, 2 ferrets, and 1 snake living in my house. The other foster mom for 3 of the puppies returns today, so they will be leaving shortly. That'll be a breath of fresh air! I love having all of the puppies... but it is a lot of work! You think having 1 puppy is hard? Try having 5!

I guess I should explain the mass amount of cats. I now have 6 feral kittens. I've had 4 of them for a week or two now. I just found 2 more today. I think that they are from the same litter, though. Sadly, one of them has a growth/tumor on her eye that is keeping her from opening it at all. The growth will definitely need to be removed. Possibly the entire eye. We have GOT to catch those feral months and having them spayed immediately. I have to wait for Heather to get home, though. She's the one with the money! Yikes! Definitely in over my head with this. All are well-cared for right now, however. They have food, water, litter boxes, toys, etc. I'm trying to socialize them, too. A few of them are coming around. Finally! They spent the first week wanting to eat my face.

Ahhh, the hardships of being an animal lover. I'm poor as anything - but damn if my heart isn't full.

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