Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It feels so good to sit down with the critters and relax! Although I need to get up in a minute to give the cats their canned food since I didn't give to them this morning when I usually do! They are demanding! Tiny actually launches himself at my leg and sticks like velcro while I'm dishing all of the food out! I really need to find homes for them. I've just been so damn busy!

My dog-kids are doing well. Slowly driving me insane... but what's new? Jackson takes up the entire bed, Brody obsessively fetches rocks and chases reflections of light, and Lyla just won't stop barking. My house is a house of chaos - but it keeps me alive, I suppose!

I'm going caroling with K9 Justice League for donations on Sunday! Totally not my deal... but I'll do it to help the rescue and the dogs!

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