Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out On The Moonlight Floor

All is well in my household of animals. Zoe is doing SO well! She hasn't had a single accident. House-training is going great! I just let her out often and take her for a couple walks. She hasn't gone in her crate at all either, so I've already added some bedding for her to sleep on. Hopefully all will continue to go smoothly!

She's just so shy. She definitely prefers it to be quiet rather than chaotic. But... who can blame her? She was probably never exposed to much outside of her crate as a youngster. I'm hoping that she'll soon find that this world isn't such a scary place and start to enjoy it a little more. She's happy and everything... just uncertain. Heck if she couldn't be any cuter! She's precious. Simply precious.

I love that she's so good with other dogs and cats. Zoe is so well-behaved around them - even if MY OWN aren't as well-behaved around her!

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