Thursday, September 23, 2010

Supressed By All My Childish Fears

I believe that I have had Zoe for almost 3 weeks now. She's doing fabulously! She got micro-chipped a little over a week ago and was just spayed yesterday evening. Zoe was tested for heart worm twice when she first came to the rescue. One test was a weak positive and the second was completely negative. Jessica did another test just to be safe last night - and it came up positive. The did the test twice, and she came up HW+ both times.

The fact that she has HW is a bummer, but the fact that he had potential adopters coming to look at her on Saturday makes it even crappier! They live out of town, so it would be hard for them to adopt her and do the HW treatment through the rescue in our area. Jessica said she'd talk to them and get back to me with the details. She's going to need x-rays to see the severity of it all... and then begin treatment.

Aside from all of that, she's doing well. She's doing great with potty-training, loves my dogs and cats, and is really just a good girl. She was so pathetic after being spayed, though! I felt so bad for her. At least she slept really well! The picture I've included was a couple hours after she was spayed. So... we'll just have to wait and see how all of this pans out.

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