Monday, November 15, 2010


Where to begin? With the insanity of being so busy, I hardly have time to write!

I actually just got back from a horse show in Lexington, Virginia. I was there for 5 days. Brody went with me, Jackson stayed at my dad's house, and Lyla [formerly known as Sheba] stayed with Cindy. Cindy is Jessica's [from K9 Justice League] mom, and she agreed to watch Lyla while I was gone. Paws is the only other puppy left for adoption. Tiana was adopted while I was gone. Now that girl was sweet! She's going to make someone a great dog. I'm sad that I won't really be able to say "goodbye" to her, but at least I got to see her when I dropped Lyla off.

Two of the kittens have been adopted! Their owners seem to love them, and the babies seem to be doing well with their new people. I still have 4 kittens and an older female that all need to find homes. Tiny, one of the kittens, had to have surgery on his eye to have a mass removed. He was actually neutered, too! So that was exciting! I think that Tiny is having an issue with his eye, though, so I need to take him in in the next couple days and have him looked at. One of the other babies seems to have some eye irritation, too. Hmph. I need more money to take care of these boogers!

Other than being ridiculously busy, all of my critters are thriving. I really just wish that I could do this for a living.

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