Friday, November 19, 2010


Now I remember why I didn't want a puppy again! These 3AM and 6:45AM wake-ups just aren't working for me! She literally gets up at these times on the dot every morning. At 3AM, it's to go potty, and at 6:45AM - well - it's just time to get up. According to her! But I suppose I wouldn't trade these days for the world. That's what being a puppy mother is all about! Lyla has also found her bark and insists on barking at her dog brothers and cat siblings quite often - loud and proud! But so precious! It will be double the fun starting today... since I'm puppy-sitting Lyla's sister, Paws, through Thanksgiving. The more the merrier, right?

As for my kittens, they are doing really well. Elmo, Grumpy, Tiny, Peekaboo, and Grey Kitty are all getting more socialized by the day. Peekaboo is probably he most skittish of the group, then Grey Kitty. Peekaboo actually sliced my finger last night trying to get away! I have to be ointment in his eyes, though, and apparently he's decided that he hates it. Tiny had his stitch taken out on Tuesday, and it looks phenomenal! It looks almost completely normal! I have an appointment at PETA to have one of them spayed or neutered on Sunday. I'm not sure who I'm going to pick to be done. I'll probably take one of the kittens in since I still haven't gotten a trap from Animal Control for the adults. I've just been so busy lately. As always! Unfortunately, though, funds are running low for the feral kitties. I need more donations... which I hate to ask for... but I'm trying to do a good thing for these babies and just don't have the money to do it myself.

Jessica from K9 Justice League sent me pictures of Zoe in her new home! She looked really good and very happy! Definitely makes me feel good that I could give her a place to stay until she found a home. The joys of fostering!

I really need to win the lottery... so I can buy a house with lots of room for the animals. I ought to go tend to the children now. There are cages and litter boxes to clean, dogs to let out, and floors to sweep...

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