Monday, March 21, 2011

"A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied."

I know what some people think of me and my many dogs.  I don't need to hear them say it.  In matter of fact, I think I'd be quite cross if the words actually passed through their mouths and into my ears.  Fortunately, however, I have found many people that seem to think that my love for animals and rescuing animals is rather amazing instead of crazy.  Thank goodness for them.  Thank goodness for the people who have faith in me and let me be who I am.  That's how it should be... because I sure as hell aren't going to change.

My new fosters (yes, that's plural!) arrived this evening!  Like I said, letting one go always means one (or two or three) is/are coming my way shortly.

Candy and Mandy have entered my life, and like the rest of my fosters, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with them!  They are sweet bundles of love!  They are quarantined from the other dogs right now since they came from an overcrowded shelter in North Carolina.  Lots of yuckies come with shelters, so we have to make sure that they are healthy before they visit with my kids.  You should see me keeping them separated.  It's a whole bunch of crazy!  I have to put my three in the bedroom while I take Candy and Mandy out of their crate and out to their pen in the backyard.  Lyla is wearing her citronella bark collar and is totally moping around and acting like I'm the WORST MOM EVER.  Jackson - well - he's acting like I just ruined his life for the 7th time by bringing MORE fosters in after the last one left.  Brody doesn't  care that much... he's just pissed that the neighbor is back home with her dogs and is all about charging the fence and barking at them.

Candy and Mandy seem a little shocked over my crazy dogs and the new surroundings... but they are taking it well.  It'll be easier to get good pictures when they aren't quarantined anymore... so look forward to some cuteness soon!


  1. G is starting to get that wtf MOAR dog attitude as well. Imma have to take a break after Dooney dog leaves.

  2. Mine were so peaceful for the last few days since it's just been them. While my youngest seem excited about the new additions, my eldest seems stunned that I would do something so terrible to him AGAIN! Haha, he'll survive, though. He always ends up loving them!