Friday, March 11, 2011

"The more people I meet, the more I like my dog."

It's been about 1 month and a 1/2 since Memphis entered my life. He's doing really well and looks great! His esophageal diverticulitis is being managed with soaked kibble and canned food with even more water mixed in. It needs to be nice and soupy to slide down his throat without getting caught in the sac in his throat. It's so nice to finally see him at a good weight! It's hard to gain weight when you're throwing up your food so much! Now we are vomit-free and looking rather handsome these days!

He's been a total joy to have in my life. We've had our difficulties with potty-training... but I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt considering that he gets a lot of liquid through his food and might really just absolutely have to go. I try to be diligent about picking the water bowl up an hour or two before I leave the house, and he seems to do much better as long as I am on top of it! Plus... more than likely... Memphis spent the majority of his life in a kennel of some sort and just doesn't quite get the process of going outside all of the time. He's getting much better, though, and I'm confident that he'll catch on eventually.

Memphis does great with my dogs and cats! He loves the company of other animals... but is just as content to snuggle up with me on the couch. That's what he's doing right now! Memphis has a family interested in him and even got to met them last week! It went well from what the rescue tells me... and I'm just waiting to hear the final word. The potential adopters are in the process of moving, though, so he'll still be with me until the end of the month if they decide to adopt him. I'll miss him when he finally does go... but I'm always ready to open up my home for the next foster.

Peace, Love, and Paw Prints

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